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A few Tips on how to Buy a Printer

ciss printerMan, I think we all know how printers work these days, 90% of time they just make a lot of loud noise and only 10% of the time it prints, really I had a printer that I usually stayed 5 minutes hearing how it works and after that it finally print a page.  Believe me a printer can be real helpful but a real pain in the ass if you don’t know how to buy a good and a quality CISS printer.

So before even thinking of buying a printer, ask yourself, what will the printer have to print? If you don’t know, there is a big difference in printing photos or simple word documents! Think about the colours, the paper you would want to use, how many documents or photos you will want to print. You should take a moment to think about this.

Now if you need a printer for office, you should choose one that can make a lot of work, in this case a printer that can print fast, on both sides of the paper, in this way you can save a lot of paper, also the printer should have a wireless connection or a network interface, in this way other workers can take advantage and use the same equipment to print their works. For this kind of duty you may want to check out the CISS Epson printer, which I think fits really good to this profile.

If you want a printer for your desk at home, you may use a CISS printer, not one with 8 cartridges (used more for photos) but a usual one with 4 cartridges, be sure that it uses a Continuous Ink Supply System, in this case a CISS Canon, which can be the printer that you may want to use, you will be saving a lot of money by the simple fact that the cartridges you need for this kind of printers can last more longer that the usual cartridges, and you will be satisfied of the results.

What printer do you use?

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