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The CISS and its main benefits

As you know school had started, and we need some new desk supplies and some gadgets to help us learn and of course present our work. In many cases we find the best way to present our work by printing it.

Now I have some good news for you, you can save a lot of money, about 95 percent of the printing cost with the new printers that uses continuous ink supply system, this technology is also known such as CISS. From now on, you won’t have to be worried about changing cartridges or how much it costs  to print in black/white or color images and text, cause it costs the same, with the new bulk ink system you won’t have to worry about charging with ink for months.

I tell you, the printers that you used until now, you can throw them away, this new ink system is so efficient and economic, that it’s getting more popular every day, and more people had started taking advantage of it, if you want your own printer, you can get it, from the cissmarket, and in just a few days you can use it yourself.

I hope I presented you the main idea of the systeme d’encre continu and it’s advantages, this is the best equipment you can have at your desk, with the new Dauerdrucksystem,  you won’t have to worry about money, or how much ink you have in your cartridges no more.

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