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What Is The CISS And How Does It Work ?

CISS printerYou might not heard but there is a new technology that can help you with your desk work., and here I’m referring to the CISS printers. I know you may already had enough with all does printers that needs to be refill every 2 months or so, and then again these cartridges don’t grow in trees, they cost money, above all that, there is frustrating time that you loose when you have to go to the store, to search for the right ones, to find how install them properly and so on…

Well guys, here is some tips you can follow when you want to choose the right, and the most profitable printer for you. First of all whatever brand you choose, I recommend choosing a CISS printer, this kind of printers is using continuous ink supply system and it’s kind of cool, what it means it’s that you don’t really have to mess up with the cartridges, cause there are external ink tanks, that never get dry and you don’t have to worry about changing them, and you can see when there is no more ink left. This system can save you a lot of money, you can print a lot of documents, photos, without ever worrying that you have to buy a new cartridge. And about filling up the tanks with ink, that’s a piece of cake, there are simple instructions that you have to follow, and there are plenty of tutorials, in which there are showed how to fill up a CISS printer tank.

I personally like CISS Epson it’s the printer that I use at my home, I had never had problems with it, and all my works had printed very well, if there was Black and White, or colourful photos, I was satisfied about the result.

At work we use CISS Canon, it’s a kind of the same thing, but it’s more for photos, you should know that if you want to print more photos or works that have a lot of colors there are printers that uses up to 6, 7 or even 8 ink separated tanks in order to get a better result, not that a CISS HP won’t do the work.

I also recommend you to read more about CISS and it’s benefits, or watch some videos on YouTube, and you will see what I am talking about.

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